Stress-Free Party Planning Guide

Stress-Free Party Planning Guide

Planning a party can certainly be stressful and overwhelming. With so much to do, perhaps with little time, it is possible to carry out all of the details so as to make the party come magically together on a special day. Here we list a few tips for you to follow that will help you plan a stress-free event. Just remember to keep yourself organized. Organization is Key!

Start Early

Think About The Costs

Create a list of the items you would like to have for the party. Input costs of each so at the end you are not out of pocket more money than initially thought. The list should include invitations, decorations, entertainment, food, and drink. 

Pick a Theme 

Themed parties always add a bit of extra fun to any party. Whether it is a business event, children’s birthday party, teens graduation party, or an adult family and friends gathering, themed parties are always memorable. Your decorating can be simple to wildly creative and over the top. You can even ask your guests to dress to impress.

Prepare the Guest List

Depending on the type of event, make your list right away. This helps to ensure that the preparations to follow will be geared upon the number and type of guests you will be inviting. Once the invitations are sent, make sure to keep a complete list of those that have responded yes or no.

Get Help

While you may want to prepare the party entirely on your own, you may not realize that as it comes down to the wire, you may be so exhausted as not even to enjoy the party yourself. Reach out to family members and friends to lend a hand. Most will be very happy and pleased to help. You may even get a few laughs before the party that you can share at the party. However, is your daily schedule already maxed out? Consider getting help from a catering company that does it all.


Music always makes for a great party. People love to dance, whether it be on a large dance floor, around a pool or on a tiny deck. Make a playlist early; download your favorite songs to your own system, hire a DJ or band. Make sure you let them know the age of the guests, type, and theme of the party. You usually can submit to them your requested songs as well. 

Order Online

Along with picking a theme comes the decorations. Nowadays, with the internet readily available, you can search for anything and have it shipped for free or at a minimal cost. Most companies accept returns, so if it does not work simply put back in the box with a return label and back, it can go. It sounds simple, but can be a hassle as well. If so its time to consider an alternative.

Prepare The Menu

Of course, as always, this is an essential aspect of any party. People love food, and good food goes a long way to make your party a smashing success. You may prefer to keep it simple; you may like you to cook yourself. However, to keep your party as stress-free as possible, consider hiring a catering company. This is where The Barn Catering comes in. We cater all types of events from corporate, house parties, tailgating, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and more. No size party is too small or too large.

Let us help to make your party a huge success and of course, stress-free!

Get in touch with us today, start early. We can help you with everything from decorations, entertainment, food, drink and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy the party!

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