Chandler AZ Pool Remodeling – Contact the Experts!

Chandler AZ Pool Remodeling – Contact the Experts!

If you’re considering a pool remodel, there are several factors to keep in mind. While you may have an idea of how you want your new pool to look, you’ll also have to think about the function of the pool.

Pool remodeling can be a detailed process, and sometimes the remodel can be similar to getting a brand new pool. However, there are some minor adjustments you can make to your pool space that will make a huge difference. That’s why No Limit Pools is here to help walk you through it and ensure you get the best pool for your style and needs.

Adding Pool Lights

Adding lights to your pool is a fairly easy way to increase the visual appeal of your pool area. LED lights are the ideal choice when you want to add in-pool lighting. The lights are energy-efficient and provide enough luminosity to light large pools. You can even program the lights to change colors. The hues can match the overall décor of your home. You can also coordinate the light colors with the shades of your garden or shrubs. There are special processes and equipment that are necessary to install the lights inside the pool. No Limit Pools has a team of professionals who can handle this job for you quickly and efficiently.

Pool Resurfacing

After some years, it may be necessary to resurface your pool. This can not only improve the way the pool borders and floor look but can make the pool area safer. You can choose from a variety of materials that remain cool in the heat and are slip-resistant. This process will require having your pool drained. The old surface and surrounding areas of the pool will be removed and the new surface you choose will be applied. You can even have special surface tiles applied around the pool that glow in the dark. Many of these are eco-friendly and powered by the light of the sun. Once the tiles have been exposed to light all day, they will glow at night, sometimes for up to eight hours, depending on the type you choose.


Adding a firepot to your pool space can instantly make the area more elegant. The structures can make it easier to see around the pool at night and add more texture to the pool area. You can add more than one firepot to make the pool setting especially relaxing. A professional contractor will position and secure the firepots so that they are a safe distance from the pool. This may include stonework or pool coping to make sure the border and pedestal for the firepot work for your pool size and shape. Combinations of stone and metal materials are available for firepots. You can choose designs that feature small pots within a larger pot. You can also work with your contractor to select the right colors for your firepot that will coordinate with the pool.

Contact No Limit Pools when you’re ready to remodel your pool. We service the surrounding areas of Phoenix including, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Grand Canyon AZ and beyond. We understand that you’ll have questions and may not know which resurfacing, lighting or structure upgrades are ideal for your pool area. Our team is happy to help with complete pool remodeling in Chandler and the entire Phoenix, AZ area. When you contact us for services or a consultation, we’ll visit your home and evaluate your property. This will let us know which remodeling projects will work well on your property and which processes are safe for your pool space. We’ll walk you through the remodel process to let you know which features would be best for you.