Get Creative With 2019 Pool Design Ideas

Get Creative With 2019 Pool Design Ideas

Getting a pool in your yard is a huge yet exciting investment. Whether your style is more traditional or you prefer modern design, there are lots of pool options to choose from.

A good professional pool builder can work with you to design the perfect pool type as well as incorporating the right materials based on your needs and sense of style.

As you’re searching through swimming pool designs and plans, there are a few things to consider. Thinking about the layout of your property, as well as the people who will be using the pool, will help you choose the right swimming pool design for your home.

Below we list a few 2019 pool design ideas to help you get started.

2019 Pool Design Ideas

Circular Pools

Traditional pools have a rectangular or square shape. However, one of the trends for 2019 is the circular pool. This is a great idea if you want your pool to look more like a spa or hot tub. A circular pool is also ideal if your lawn space is limited or you want to leave room for an outdoor kitchen or sitting area. The pool border can be made of stone or glass mosaic to give the pool a relaxing, resort feel.

Pools With Negative Edges

Other backyard pool landscaping ideas include pools with negative edges. Even if you want a rectangular pool, you can round the edges or add fancy designs to the perimeters. This design is similar to the ones you’ll see at fancy hotels. So, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you step into your backyard. This pool design also makes it easier to add small fountain fixtures around the pool. This adds to the elegance of the design. You can even program the fountains to add warmer water to the pool if you enjoy swimming during the cooler months of the year.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are great for providing the illusion that you’re stepping into the ocean or entering the water at the beach. The sparkling glass makes the blue of the water even more evident and makes the pool look more inviting. If you prefer the infinity pool design, fiberglass is a good choice. With an infinity pool, the water flows seamlessly from one part of the pool to another. Fiberglass pools look especially appealing with shiny colored tiles bordering them. Or you can choose a glass mosaic design to add more color to the pool space.

Pool Patio Ideas

After you’ve chosen the pool design you want, you may want to create a coordinating patio. The patio can simply be used as a border for the pool. Or, you can enlarge the patio space so that your family and friends can relax there in between swims. Concrete materials that are comfortable to walk on are ideal for the patio. It’s also best to choose materials that aren’t susceptible to water damage. Cobblestone or fiberglass borders for the patio will make the entire pool area appear more uniform. These elements can also be added to wall borders or columns in the patio area. If you’re also building a kitchen or sitting area, you can work with your contractor to add design elements to your outdoor appliance that match the pool.

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