Landscape Design

Updating landscapes not only provides for an uplifting and beautiful visual appeal but also increases property value. Whether you are focusing on your backyard, front yard or entire yard there are many compelling options to consider.

We Embrace Outdoor Living Landscapes

Are you looking to amp up your homes curb appeal or how about the backyard? Do you want to live a life of luxury and feel like you are in a resort while entertaining family and friends?
We can make that happen. We can make your family and friends envious of your incredible backyard.
You may not realize landscape design is just not the ordinary, hire a landscaper, and get it done. There is an actual art to landscape design, and it takes a particular person with an eye to create the perfect landscape to get it done the right way.

4 Vital Elements To Landscape Design

A mass is a measure of visual design. A mass describes a section of the landscape such as a planting bed, patio or pergola area. It is vital to size and designs the individual masses to coordinate with all other mass sections of the space.

A form refers to the objects and shapes within a landscape. They take shape like rectangular, square, circular, free-flowing, and more. Rectangular shapes give a formal and structured feel. Circular forms give a soft feel while free-flowing irregular shapes evoke a feeling of casual and free.

The line creates a physical flow and connectivity throughout the landscape. All outdoor living spaces are different in shape. When considering line, visualization of a curved or straight walkway or bed of flowers must be considered to blend with the home’s architectural style and layout. 

Texture and Color
As we all know, texture and color are well known to evoke feelings of calm to excitement. So, what do we incorporate into one’s outdoor living space? Its simply what colors the customer loves and the emotion they want to evoke. 

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Increase Curb Appeal and Homes Value

Are you looking for a landscape architect to design a functional and attractive outdoor living space? Whether you want to focus on your backyard, front yard, or entire property, we can assure you that you will be happy with Only Outdoor Living.

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