Low Voltage Lighting

The perfect combination of well-designed low voltage lighting can transform any outdoor living space into a stunning oasis.

Innovation with Unmatched Design

Are you looking to achieve a specific look? A home’s best feature can be enhanced when the sun goes down, and the lights are turned on.

With the right amount of low voltage lighting shadowing or illuminating entryways, pathways and plant beds can create a subdued or dramatic effect. Particular decor elements, stonework, water features and more can be highlighted to amplify their focal point.

At Only Outdoor Living, our low voltage lighting will provide beauty, functionality, and safety after dark. Our products are high-quality and stand up to the harshest weather conditions, such as sun, cold, rain, snow, ice and wind.

Low Voltage Lighting

Do You Need?

Ideas and Inspiration

Whether you are looking for low lighting for a small plant bed, lights to shine up the trunks of large trees, or a total outdoor lighting makeover, the lighting team at Only Outdoor Living is here to help you. 

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