Plant Bed Installation

Well-designed plant and flower beds create beauty and vibrance to small gardens and large outdoor living spaces.

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It is the vision of our plant bed installation team at Only Outdoor Living to bring freshness and color to your outdoor space year after year. It takes experience and knowledge to know the right plants to go in areas of complete shade, partial shade, full sun, and partial sun. The location of the plant beds is crucial when choosing plants, whether it be constructed on a flat surface or a slope with a run-off of continuous water. The health and growth of a plant determines where it is located as well as the dryness and moisture of the bed itself.

At Only Outdoor Living, we provide unique and professionally designed plant beds. Our designs and structures are unparalleled in the industry.

plant bed installation

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You may not realize how important it is for plants to be planted in the right space. If they are robbed of essential nutrients, water and sunlight their health and growth will deteriorate. 

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