Water Features

Waterfalls are awe-inspiring if built with creativity and an eye for art in mind. They can be simple to exotic, peaceful and astounding. 

Water Fountains

Water fountains can be delicate or grande, modern, traditional or minimally baroque and complex. Fountains are usually stand alone structures intended as a beautiful focal point. Sconces and scuppers can be built in with LED lighting to add a bit of elegance and nighttime ambiance. The water can dribble lazily or pour down in great volume. No matter what, water fountains bring a fabulous flare to any outdoor living area.

Water Walls and Rain Curtains

Can you imagine a wall of water? If you can imagine it, we can create it. Water walls and rain curtains give unique beauty to an outdoor space by allowing water to flow down like an indoor wall of water. It is quite amazing, to say the least. It is a thin stream of water that runs continuously with little or no splash. They are specially designed where troughs are used to collect the falling water than re-circulated to fall again.

Laminars and Deck Jets

Laminars and deck jets have become increasingly popular. Streams of water flow from the outside deck area in a wide or narrow flow. They can be programmed to expell intermittently. LED lights can be added to produce a solid stream of liquid light. A perfect solution for a beautiful night backyard effect.

Scuppers and Sconces

If a retaining wall is needed attached to the pool, or a wall of any sort will bring a bit of architectural flare to the outdoor space, consider adding scuppers or sconces. Sconces dot the landscapes in the cities of Athens, Paris and Rome. They can provide for an old world charm with water trickling out from a lions head or another European old time structure. Scuppers are similar, however, usually deliver a greater volume of water for a more elaborate effect.



What a great addition to any outdoor living space, a waterfall. They are breathtakingly beautiful. From magical like the Seven Wonders of The World to simply beautiful in your very own  backyard. They make outdoor living spaces captivating and inviting with cascading water surrounded by rock, stone, plants, flowers, lighting and more.

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Are you ready to make an impact on your lifestyle?  There is no other way than adding remarkable water features to your outdoor living environment. The soothing sound of water is mentally gratifying.

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