Shade Structures

We embellish backyards with beautiful shade structure designs that provide seclusion, shade, protection from UV rays, rain, and snow. Pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos all offer a different type of uniqueness to any outdoor living space.


Pergolas can be built in a variety of ways and with different materials. Most often, pergolas are wide open structures, with four support beams and no walls and roof. Their primary purpose is to create a decorative focal point. They are not used to shelter out the sun and unwanted elements. The traditional pergola consists of a lattice roof; however, with the ever-changing styles, wood has become popular. Vinyl can offer a universal design and is less expensive. Steel will hold up in harsh weather and will last the longest. If a solid roof is required, gabled or pitched is recommended. This provides for the natural runoff of water.


Pavilions are free-standing structures. They are set on a pre-existing floor such as concrete and can be built square or rectangular. The amount and type of support posts will depend on the structure size and style. Pavilions have become a popular choice for backyards and poolscapes. They are also found at resorts, business complexes, and parks all around the world. Most likely, when you see a pavilion, you will see bbq grills, picnic tables with family and friends gathering around.


Gazebos are similar to pavilions except for the shape. A classic gazebo is hexagonal, octagonal, or turret-shaped. They have a roof and are open on all sides. They are constructed with its own floor or on top of the grass, a cement foundation, or another base. Most often, gazebos are built away from the home for family and friends to retreat and relax with comfortable seating. There is a wide variety of wood for a natural effect, vinyl for a different color, just to name a few.

Which One Is For You?

Pergola • Pavilion • Gazebo

Are you looking for the perfect shade structure? It is essential to consider the location and style. Want to add flowers and vines? A gazebo or pergola would provide the ideal setting. Would you like a more substantial structure to put over your outdoor kitchen, then a pavilion may be the right choice.

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