Waterproof Underdecking

Many of you may be wondering, “just what is waterproof underdecking and is it necessary.”?

Protecting Your Deck and Home

If you own a deck, especially a wood deck, it is essential to waterproof the underneath of the deck just as you would do for the top. If you have an elevated deck, exposure to water below can cause damage to both the deck and your home. As water runs off the deck, it can hit the house, therefore, damaging it..

Controlling water run-off from the deck is a vital concern. Depending on a homeowner’s individual situation and placement of deck will determine the type and amount of waterproof under decking needed.

Waterproof Underdecking

Types Of Waterproof Underdecking

Drains and Gutters
If water run-off is the main concern, one or more drains will need to be installed along with a gutter. Drains must be installed with easy access to clean out if needed.

Another method is the installation of a membrane. The water will drain through the deck as the area below is pitched away from the house. The water can then enter a gutter, moving it further away from the house. The membrane can be covered to avoid an ugly appearance.

Ceiling Panels
Pitched ceiling panels can be attached under to the deck to prevent the water from reaching the area below, which will take the flow of water further away to a gutter.

Flashing and Sealing
Flashing needs to be installed to control the water between the edge of the deck, the door, and the house. All underdecking services need to be throughly sealed when completed.

Which One Is For You?

Pergola • Pavilion • Gazebo

Are you looking for the perfect shade structure? It is essential to consider the location and style. Want to add flowers and vines? A gazebo or pergola would provide the ideal setting. Would you like a more substantial structure to put over your outdoor kitchen, then a pavilion may be the right choice.

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