Professional Grade Outdoor Storage Sheds


Is your garage overstuffed with bicycles, sports gear, lawn equipment, storage boxes, and just overall junk? Is your attic so stuffed that it is hard to get to those holiday items?

Because we all have different size homes, garages, and storage space, as well as different uses and needs for storage we know all too well the importance of having extra space. This is why we enjoy building custom outdoor sheds of all shapes and sizes. We make it affordable and easy to add the perfect additional outdoor storage space that you need and will compliment your landscape and home.

Along with our sheds being custom built, they are made with professional grade construction materials. Let us help you to get the extra storage space you need. Would you like a simple shed, a classic shed, a contemporary shed, a shed to fit beautifully within your garden or an all out over the top shed. We can do it all from digging ground right thru to the final painting and hardware.


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Established in 2011, owner Jorge Avila has developed a reputation of providing exceptional carpentry, painting, masonry, landscaping and more to the northern NJ area. His projects range from minor household repairs to additions and major renovations.,


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